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Sat Aug 26th
Only 4 ships in commission. Baldy, Hancock and Holt flying with Col Darling – Destroyed 4 Ju-52s on ground – No further missions. Posted ODO from 1800 till 0600 tomorrow. Posted for tomorrow’s mission. Scotty after Holland down at Laval [?] – Had forgotten all about him!!! Still no word of our 8 boys! 

Sun Aug 27th
Droop-snooter this morning – Target obscured by about 8/10ths. Pulled off on Jerry airfield as secondary target and dive-bombed. Fair results. Rain all afternoon.

MISSION No. 139 (Day’s First Mission)
OPFLASH NO. F-29    SITE NO. A-11        DATE: 27 Aug 44
TARGET: Bombing ammo dumps on road N of Villers-Cotterets at S-6282 with droop-snoot.
GROUP NO. 474, SQDN. NO. 428, NO. A/C: 8 P-38 (8 P-38 429th)
T/OFF: 0913     T/OVER TGT: 1015-1100     T/DOWN: 1139
ATTACK DATA & RESULTS: 8x2x1000 GP (1/10 sec fusing). Maj. Dedlund led a squadron of 16 planes, 8 from 428th & 8 from 429th with droop-snoot. The target was found, which was ammo hutments along road 2 mi N of Villers-Cotterets at S-6385, S-6585; but they were not able to make bomb run due to very bad weather. Flew around in target area for 40 min at diff altitudes trying to find weather conditions to make bomb run. When not found, Maj. Hedlund set course for base, flying over enemy A/F 2 mi N of Marigny at N-4304’ all flights dropped bombs on A/F with unobserved results.
(2) ELSEWHERE: Weak heavy acc of Rouen.
WEATHER: (1) OVER TARGET: Very bad ground haze to 5000 ft;
(2) ELSEWHERE: Ground haze.
Red              Yellow
Hedlund      Hanson
Wenzel         Heckert
Huser           White
Rankin         Trueblood

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