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Tues Aug 1st

Released till 1600 – Bob and rest… [rest of page missing]

Wed Aug 2nd

Posted – No mission yet at 1100 so get taken off and Scotty, Stud and I dress like mad to catch the 1355 for Torquay – arrive about 2:10 – and no rooms to be had anywhere – all we could get at Red Cross was a sofa. Guess I’m pawned off on the French Girl and try to get her to take us home but no dice – Mack takes pity on us and thinks she can sneak us in Hospital – Cab to 316th and after a little confusion Mack puts us in the “dangerously ill” room. We’ll have to be out though before 0700 when the day shift comes on – Man these are nice clean sheets!  

torquaybandw[Note: Torquay is a fashionable resort town in Devonshire on the south coast, near RAF Warmwell. In 1944 it was a debarkation port for the D-Day invasion.]

Thurs Aug 3rd

Orderlies rousted us out at 0615 –Rub eyes,
dress and have fresh torquaycoloreggs with 30 or so nurses – Say goodbye to all and into town in Red Cross truck – Get us all fixed up with rooms – Scotty to meet June – Stud and I to meet them both at our room for a drink.

Fri Aug 4th

Up late. Steaks at Green Lizard. Afternoon lying around in sun – hate like hell to leave. Probably have to pack when we get back. On bus at 1605 and home about 2230. Find everyone in an uproar – packing and charging about – We’re to leave at 0800 tomorrow – Stud and I start madly gathering our things together and getting organized when orders come thru giving us til Sunday morning – Ah, sweet relaxation and “send” the gang with our stories of Torquay!!

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