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Fri Aug 18th
Our troops so far advanced, doesn’t look like we’ve much left to do. As we can’t bomb west of the Seine river as yet. Patrols in Versailles – Looks pretty good. Capt Nuckols ferried me over to landing strip where “the Lady” had crash-landed – Team B had fixed her up, and I was to fly her back – After checking Cuno’s [?] and talking with the Tech Sgt in charge, I promised a buzz job and after a good check of plane – a good job – Pop pretty pleased to get Lady back and eager to get the cowling off and check everything over – Capt McKay and Monkton gave Squadron a little account of their experiences and escape tonight at a little meeting. Five day passes start tomorrow. Major read SOP on fighter tactics in the Burma Theater – Rumors thick and fast on us moving out. Would rather have one more move – close to Paris first. 

Sat Aug 19th
Posted 1 hour. Alert after 1100 – Holt and Bob off for England on 5-day pass. Rain rest of day – now I know how miserable French rain can become. 

Sun Aug 20th
Taxiways too muddy to move planes so no mission till sun dries things. Whole field full of French families – men in berets pushing baby carriages watching the men work and looking at our planes. Mission – armed recce on Seine north of Paris. Takeoff 1500. I’m flying Bob’s plane, “Dearest Peg”. Radio out – but kept trying all the way to target – no use. Had to come home – My first abort in 37 missions. Had to chew the radio man a bit – It’s Sgt Roth’s first abort also and he doesn’t feel too good!

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