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Tue Aug 15th
Sack till noon – Loafing around tent in afternoon, when in comes Capt Doyle with Frederick. My God returned from the dead. No one had even seen his or Rubel’s chute open – He had quite a story also. He’s still burned on eyes, wrists and ankles. Fred just holed up, and waited for troops to catch up. He and Rub went down about one month ago, if I recall correctly. 

Note: James Frederick and Robert Rubel were shot down by FW-190s on 6 July.   Frederick survived and evaded capture, but Rubel was KIA.  The Capt. Doyle mentioned here is James “Pappy” Doyle, with many exploits to his credit including the downing of famous Luftwaffe ace Walter Oesau on 11 May ’44.

Wed Aug 16th
Bridgebuster this morning. Success. No flak. No enemy aircraft. Two hour job. Field is getting pretty well dug in by now. We’ve got a hot shower for eight men – 
Swell chow – Tents fixed up – Seats with holes instead of slit trenches – toilet paper, urinals, parachute bins. Everything going pretty darn smooth. 430th men tee’d off when our own AA gunners opened up while they were on approach with wheels and flaps down! Not so good!

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