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428th FS pilots, (left to right): Lt James S. Frederick Jr., Capt John Hewitt, Lt Walter Ingledew, Lt John Gawler.  From the Hedlund Collection. Larger photo

Mon Aug 14th
Posted. Area bomb and strafe anything moving – Jerry supposedly in a hurried withdrawal – Set 4 or 5 big trucks afire – Bombed train – Not much moving, or else pretty well camouflaged! Same job this afternoon. Seigel spotted six trucks along the road, heavily camouflaged. Four of us dropped our frags, and four trucks sky high. Sky literally filled with allied aircraft. Walt Ingledew blew up in Capt Hewitt’s flight.
Either 40mm or flew into the ground.
Good man too.

MISSION No. 118 (Day’s First Mission)
OPFLASH NO. F-10     SITE NO. A-11        DATE: 14 Aug 44
TARGET: Armed recce of Villy-St.Pierre-Orbec-Chambois area (428th alone).
GROUP NO. 474, SQDN. NO. 428, NO. A/C: 8 P-38
T/OFF: 0933     T/OVER TGT: 1000-1110         T/DOWN: 1141
OUR A/C Missing: 0      DESTROYED: 1      DAMAGED: 0
ATTACK DATA & RESULTS: 16×500 GP (inst fus nose 1/25 tail).
Red Flight (Hewitt, Hess, Ingledew, Hancock) bombed R/R & highway crossing at Q-6768, cutting R/R & highway with 6 dir hits & 2 near misses. Yellow Flight (Scott, Trueblood, Seigel, Huser) bombed a fuel dump in woods at O-6836 with unobserved results; all 8 bombs in target area. Red flight strafed & destroyed 2 military trucks at Q-4766 & 2 jeeps at U-2234. Yellow Flight strafed & destroyed 2 M/T at 0-5468.
(2) ELSEWHERE: Intense acc light flak around area at U-2738
VITAL INFORMATION: At U-3338, time 1030, alt 300 to 400 ft, Lt. Ingledew was making a diving pas on a hidden M/T in some trees. Lt. Hancock was flying wing. His observation was that Lt. Ingledew, on trying to pull out of dive, lost control and plane crashed into ground exploding and bursting into flames.
WEATHER: (1) OVER TARGET: Ground haze up to 2000 ft.
(2) ELSEWHERE: Same.
Red               Yellow            Spare
Hewitt          Scott               Freeman
Hess             Trueblood
Ingledew*   Siegel
Hancock       Huser
*MIA (see Vital Information)
(Editor: Walter B. Ingledew, Jr. confirmed KIA this day)

MISSION No. 119 (Day’s Second Mission)
OPFLASH NO. F-11     SITE NO. A-11        DATE: 14 Aug 44
TARGET: Armed recce of Falaise-Liserot-Laigle-Broglie area (428th alone).
GROUP NO. 474, SQDN. NO. 428, NO. A/C: 8 P-38
T/OFF: 1439     T/OVER TGT: 1500-1600         T/DOWN: 1625
ATTACK DATA & RESULTS: 8×500 (instant) plus 8×100 frag cluster. All in target area: 1 gasoline truck, 2 other trucks by Lts. Huser & Siegel. 1 truck destroyed, 3 trucks damaged at U-5784; 1 motorcycle & sidecar destroyed at U-4571. 1 jeep destroyed at Q-2584; 3 trucks destroyed, 1 truck & trailer destroyed, 1 motorcycle destroyed, ll in vic Q-3130. 3 staff cars destroyed vic Q-4551. 3 trucks destroyed vic Q-4961. Dive from 5000, released at 2000, angle 60 degrees.
ENEMY FLAK: (1) OVER TARGET: Int heavy & light inacc vic 5 mi of Falaise.
VITAL INFORMATION: Very many Red Cross vehicles moving E. No real evidence of German withdrawal.
Red               Yellow
Bowman      Nuckols
Trueblood   Hagemeyer
Siegel           Smith, L.W.
Huser           Spiker

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