Can USAF Aggressors survive budget cuts?

F-15aggressorUsing dedicated “Red Air” or “Aggressor” units to act as the opposition is one of the coolest ideas in the world of air combat training. At least most people think so. But their days may be numbered…

Besides the sexy paint jobs, the idea of maintaining special units trained to fight and think like the adversary has had a lot of success in the US Air Force and Navy.

F-18aggressorIn fact, there’s a good argument that establishing dedicated Aggressors back in the 70s measurably helped transform the US fighter force into the world’s most lethal and effective.

But the age of the Aggressor may be coming to a close.F-16aggressor

According to Dave Majumdar of The Daily Beast, the USAF is running out of money for dedicated planes and units to conduct Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT).

F-14aggressorNow they’re thinking hard about contracting out the Aggressor role to private companies.  See the article here.
















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