US Congress gets ugly early to save the A-10

WarthogIs the A-10 “Warthog” being forced into early retirement by short-sighted bureacrats? Well, that depends on who you ask and what the latest headlines are. In 2014 the US Air Force announced (again) its intention to deactivate and retire the venerable Thunderbolt II from the inventory.

But not so fast!

Several lawmakers, including Senator John McCain, have moved to counter the USAF intent.  The 2015 National Defense Authorization Act reportedly blocks the A-10s retirement, with the rationale the aircraft is needed to fight in Iraq against ISIS.  So the fight for the future of the Warhog is still on.

And, as a Monday morning pick-me-up, here’s a little reminder of why ground pounders love the A-10 (sorry for the ad, but its short).

Can anyone say what that heavy incendiary effect is all about? Yes, the GAU-8 30mm rounds often produce a “sparkling” effect on targets, but this much isn’t normal in other Warthog strafing runs I’ve seen. Throw in your comments below.

And some more…

Go Ugly Early…





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